Download Vivaldi Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8, 7

Vivaldi Browser 2022
Vivaldi Browser 2022

Download Vivaldi Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8, 7 – Vivaldi is a popular browser with loads of features and the best customization framework available for your browser. Some of Vivaldi Browser 2022 unique features include built-in note features, start page assistance, themes (you can easily create the theme yourself), tabs, panels, toolbar buttons, shortcuts, and gestures, and mouse, search engine options, etc. Tabbed corners and the address bar can even be constructed.

Vivaldi Browser 2022 for Windows

Vivaldi started when the My Opera community site was closed by Opera. Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, Opera co-founder and former CEO, considers browser development and freedom important to the community. He established a fairly large online community, then launched Vivaldi Technologies, which gave birth to this browser by giving you different freedoms to run this browser.

You will see a window that has been prepared with a fairly complete menu the first time you start Vivaldi Browser 2022 and see some of the advantages of this browser, such as the speed dial feature, a unique system on the theme that changes according to the website visited, and the sidebar that contains a download list that is easily accessible and more. One of Vivaldi’s great features can also be found on the sidebar that most displays the Web Panel feature.

Download Vivaldi Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8, 7
Download Vivaldi Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8,

With a minimalist, modern, and intuitive interface, Vivaldi Browser 2022 application can be customized according to taste. With these benefits, you, as a user, will feel a different appearance from browsers in general and when freely browsing the internet. While Vivaldi Browser 2022 uses the same engine used by Google Chrome, the Chromium engine is bold and similar. Still, this application offers a complete range of different features that are ready to pamper you when browsing the internet, of course.

Most of the great and different features embedded in this single browser also come from user suggestions and feedback. They are applied directly to the browser, so all the features in Vivaldi Browser 2022 will really help users, especially ordinary users, in all its features.

Vivaldi Browser 2022 Features and Advantages

1. Personalize the theme

The first excellent feature provided by Vivaldi Browser is a theme that, according to the time or website visited, can be manually changed as desired or changed automatically. You can select an existing theme or build your own. You can also specify the time for the theme to be changed based on time, date, and other needs. The development team is really good at arranging each theme’s color composition. As a result, the available default themes make the browser appear with a pleasing color blend.

2. Feature on Web Panel

This is the most innovative feature for showing a website in a quickly accessible sidebar. Even if you are moving between tabs to another tab, the website will always appear. Among other things, you can read English novels while opening the dictionary in the sidebar, or you can chat while surfing the web, write articles in SimpleNote by occasionally looking at the synonym dictionary published in the sidebar, etc. Several advantages can be obtained from this feature.

3. Using Extensions for Chrome

Since Vivaldi Browser 2022 latest version is built on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome, this browser also allows you to use the existing Chrome extensions. Of course, because the base looks different, some that are not suitable, some extensions will not work properly, it is best not to install. But there is no problem with some services, such as Pocket, etc.

4. Note and Screenshot

Without the need to install extensions from third parties, such as using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can take direct screenshots and full screenshots of web pages (take screenshots of part or all of the content on the website). A Note feature helps you search and find something important or want to add it to the Note directly.

5. Equipped with Tab Tiling functionality

You no longer need to switch tabs using the Vivaldi Browser because you can open multiple tabs simultaneously via the Tiling tab feature, much like a split-screen. Stacking that must be used if you are the user type almost always opens dozens or more tabs. You can stack multiple tabs into one tab with this functionality. Once combined, it is still possible to open each tab as usual.

6.Security and privacy

Although Vivaldi 2022 is somewhat less popular and less desirable because Vivaldi doesn’t track your activities and data while surfing the internet, you don’t need to worry about your private data. This is one that many people want.

Download Vivaldi Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8, 7 Latest Version

Download for Windows 64-bit | Download Here

Download for Windows 32-bit | Download Here

License: Freeware
OS: Windows