Download K-Meleon Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8, 7

K-Meleon Browser 2022 for Windows
K-Meleon Browser 2022 for Windows

K-Meleon Browser 2022 Free Download for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. K-Meleon Software is a lightweight, easy-to-customize web browser based on Mozilla’s Gecko design engine, also used by Firefox. K-Meleon 2022 is free, open-source software designed for Microsoft Windows and published under the GNU Public Certificate, DNS. Some people prefer the anonymity of Mozilla Firefox or Epic Personal Privacy. In contrast, others prefer the simplicity of the Vivaldi browser, and still, others prefer the speed of the K-Meleon browser.

K-Meleon Browser 2022

K-Meleon 2022 is a powerful, quick, and fast Windows web browser that allows the user to completely customize its appearance and functionality.

Only this app allows you to use your existing Internet Traveler Preferences or Opera Hotlist instead of or in addition to Mozilla’s Netscape/Bookmarks scheme. K-Meleon Browser 2022 has been revised for over 18 years and continues to be updated.

While the most recent secure version is 75.1, which was released in 2015 and still uses Gecko, development has progressed to K-Meleon 76.2 G, which was released in January 2019 and used Goanna 3.4.4. It makes managing the various websites you can visit during a surfing session easily.

Tab feature, also known as “tabbed” browsing, allows you to open several web pages at once and move between them quickly by clicking on each page’s “tab” on a separate toolbar inside the browser. If you want to run multiple programs, this feature will make your Windows taskbar much less cluttered.

Like all of K-other Meleon’s features, the computer mouse gestures plugin is extremely customizable and allows the execution of nearly all macros and commands. K-Meleon 2022 free has a feature that allows you to block or allow Javascript on specific websites, such as Google, Yahoo, banking websites, PayPal, and others, for those of you who choose not to surf without it.

One of the tool’s distinguishing features is its extensive user alteration capabilities. There’s no need to extract and assemble container documents or download many extensions that could add a bunch of useless features to the desired attribute. There are also options to block scripts that display a rollover result on images, scripts that delete context menus that prevent you from right-clicking while visiting a website, and scripts that resize windows. It has a Popup Blocking feature that prevents these popups from appearing and the ability to easily cause popups on a particular website.

K-Meleon 2022 for PC opens the fastest of any Gecko-based web browser when launched from the device icon. K-Meleon provides a profile manager that allows you to build as many profiles as you want. This Account Manager can be set to appear once K-Meleon is started, enabling you to pick which account to surf with. Each browsing session has its name that can be saved.

You can recover all of your saved sessions by selecting the session name from the Lots Session food menu. All the tabs you’ve opened will be closed and replaced with the websites associated with that session when you restore a session. K-special Meleon’s macros plugin greatly improves the program’s capabilities and features. When launched from the system icon, K-Meleon Browser 2022 for Windows PC is the fastest of any Gecko-based web browser.

Download K-Meleon Browser 2022 for Windows 10, 8, 7

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Lisensi: Freeware
OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)